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Pendulum Training Visual Identity


Pendulum Training Visual Identity

The Pendulum Training logo was designed to directly reference its namesake - the pendulum.

The design requested a clean and simple form, incorporating a pendulum in some manner. While it needed to appeal to a corporate market, the colour palette needed to be soft, warm and welcoming.

The ‘l’ of the word ‘Pendulum’ is suggested by a simplistic pendulum symbol. The ball of the pendulum hangs just above the second ‘i’ of ‘Training’, forming the dot of this ‘i’ and uniting the words into a compact, clean and bold logo.

Graphic queues were then taken from this design to create a cohesive visual brand personality.

Two other concepts were developed during the concept phase and are also shown here.


Logo Design & Visual Identity

  • Skills

    Adobe Illustrator

  • Client

    Pendulum Training

  • Branding:

    Logo Creation & Visual Identity